Top Smart contract wallets in 2022

Top smart contract wallets
Top Smart contract wallets

Digital wallets are becoming more prevalent among the trading population. If you are more obsessed with cryptocurrencies and their trade, you will definitely need a digital wallet. The wallet is the storehouse of the crypto coins that you trade with.

They have a specific address where the crypto coins will be stored. If you want to trade with a particular cryptocurrency or exchange a particular pair with others, then you can use the wallet to do so.

But whether a cryptocurrency wallet and a smart contract wallet are the same? Yes, both deal with cryptocurrencies. But the only difference with the smart contract wallet is its infrastructure.
The smart contract wallet is built using the Ethereum smart contract.

What exactly is an Ethereum smart contract wallet?

Smart contract wallets provide extra security and offer recovery features. But in other aspects, they offer the same function compared to cryptocurrency wallets. But the most prominent factor in choosing the ethereum smart contract wallet is their swapping mechanism.

In a smart contract wallet, the swapping process is more effective when compared to other normal cryptocurrency wallets.

Features of the Smart contract wallet

With its stunning features, the smart contract wallet stands out as the unique and demanded wallet of all time. Some of the features are

  1. Smart contract attachment: A normal ethereum account is attached to the smart contract so that it is secured and maintained.
  2. Different functionalities - Yes, with this ethereum smart contract wallet, you can lend, buy, and sell cryptos with different decentralized applications.
  3. Security and encryption — The security and encryption features in the smart contract wallet are exceptional compared to other cryptocurrency wallets.

Benefits of smart contract wallet


With a smart contract wallet, access and recuperation are somewhat simpler to oversee. One such technique is known as the Social Recovery strategy, where various individuals are totally assigned as confided in reinforcement assistance.

In the event that you lose admittance to your wallet, you can approach your customer support to independently concur that you are sure the proprietor of your wallet is given admittance. They don’t need to be genuine individuals, however — these reinforcement ‘companions’ can likewise be different wallets you own or equipment wallet gadgets.


Keen agreements like smart contracts offer capacities like two-factor authentication for exchanges, restricted withdrawal rates set by the client, time-bolted exchanges, customized boycotts for active exchanges, and even crisis closures in instances of apparent extortion.

There are other unintended outcomes of smart contract wallets. People are whimsical animals, and we regularly adjust our perspectives. In any case, smart contracts don’t share this assumption, they just work one way — forward.

On the off chance that a client needs to backtrack, change a choice, or play around with various alternatives, smart contracts are not the approach. All of the blockchains are exceptional, yet smart contract wallets make it a stride further with foreordained standards and time-delicate requirements.

Best available smart contract wallets in the crypto market


It is known for its interoperability between the protocols. It also helps the users to leverage the full potential of decentralized finance for the power users through its stunning features and dazzling UI. It allows you to borrow or lend ethereum or any cryptocurrencies and effectively mangoes your dApp.

Some of the features of the instadApp

  1. Integrated with the uniswap exchange to send your tokens to your liquidity pool.
  2. DeFi smart account to manage your funds between protocols.
  3. It promotes single collateral and also multi-collateral DAI.
  4. Stunning UI-based mobile web wallet feature.
  5. Accessible from anywhere in the world.


It comes with a trusted base of more than 1 million users worldwide. It is recently due to the Defi boom, Metamask reaches its extreme user base. So, with this, we can get to know about its decentralized finance efficiency. Metamask provides a key vault where you can buy, store, send, and receive tokens through various protocols. Your token custody is completely within your control and you can transact the tokens to various decentralized applications without any interruptions. If you are a blockchain enthusiast, then you would definitely love Metamask. It is because of the metrics that they follow to boost the application.

Also, the UI they offer is stunning and helps the user to access the application with much ease. With a supportive team of software engineers and support engineers, Metamask is one of the best recommended ethereum smart contract wallets that is available in the digital market.


If you want to build and manage your defi application easily, then your choice should be Zerion. It is very easy to search, filter out, and manage the Defi asset as per your convenience. You are free to choose the Defi Account and instrument and invest in various protocols due to its decentralized manner.

You can access the multiple wallet features, check your dashboard for the financial portfolio that you have invested and the history of previous portfolios can also be referred. With advanced ROI metrics, you can dive deeper into your trades and look for the entire transaction history too.

You can not only track your portfolio in the entire DeFi market but also can manage your trading through your phone.


This is the application where you can send and receive payments and cryptos from anyone. Their decentralized finance is trusted and easily accessible as their tagline goes like “ the only wallet which you can show to your parents”. buy using the XDAI technology, they can allow you to transfer the payments quickly without any delay.

Pocketto wallet generates the private key and stores the information in your phone itself. Hence, accessing the wallet is so easy. Also, you can manage your payment methods by linking the address of the contacts to the wallet payee list. They are so open that they have put their open-source wallet code in Github for further recommendations to improve the wallet on demand.


You can invest, earn, spend, and earn interest through this wallet. This wallet is crafted simply for the users to trade and invest in crypto and ethereum in an effective manner. They also provide free ENS names to simplify the address. The entire token custody is within your control and you can send or receive tokens to various decentralized applications in a single click. With a stunning UI and easy to manage trading portfolio.

Final words

Cryptocurrency is establishing its stand in digital finance. With the emergence of digital technology, the demand for digital wallets is also rising. So far, it is the ethereum that is providing a smart contract. With the emergence of Ethereum following the path of bitcoin is in the phase, this is the right time to invest in a cryptocurrency smart contract wallet.

If you are smart enough, you can craft your own crypto smart contract wallet. Or else, no worries. There are a huge number of cryptocurrency wallet development companies all over the world that would help you to craft a customized crypto wallet with multiple features.



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