Top 5 Crypto Token Development Service Providers 2022

Crypto Token Development Service Provider

Over the past few years, the crypto industry has started gaining more attention among people. Cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies that are hosted on the blockchain. Blockchain is a digital ledger where all crypto-based transactions are verified and recorded. As the growth of cryptocurrencies skyrocketed, many people started accepting cryptocurrencies for payments across the world. As a result, numerous cryptocurrencies are created and introduced in the crypto marketplace. Generally, cryptocurrencies are created on independent blockchains. On the flip side, crypto tokens are created under an existing blockchain.

Crypto tokens are developed using the token standards of prominent blockchains like Ethereum, Tron, or Binance smartchain. Crypto tokens are divided into two categories viz. fungible and non-fungible tokens based on their characteristics. Fungible tokens are exchangeable with crypto tokens of the same types and values. The popular fungible token standards for crypto token creation are ERC20, TRC20, and BEP20. Most of the crypto tokens existing in the crypto marketplace are fungible tokens. Then coming to non-fungible tokens, they are unique tokens as they are the tokenized version of digital collectibles and they provide full ownership to the token holders. ERC721, TRC721, and BEP721 are the popular NFT standards.

If you are a startup or a cryptopreneur, you might know that creating a crypto token can be used for crowdfunding, making payments, and various benefits. In crypto crowdfunding, tokens will be offered to the investors in exchange for the funds they provide. On seeing these benefits, there is an increasing craze for crypto token development. First, you should consider some of the steps for creating a crypto token.

Crypto Token Development

As discussed above, crypto tokens are digital tokens that are developed in smart contracts. Here I’ll provide you with the steps for creating a crypto token.

  • Define your Token properties

The first and foremost aspect that should be considered for creating a crypto token is deciding the purpose of a token. Your crypto token should be comparatively unique in the crypto marketplace and should serve multiple purposes. After defining your token, you should think of the token’s properties like token symbol, the name, total supply of token, token’s decimal values, etc.

  • Decide the type of token

After deciding your token’s unique properties, you should consider what type of token to be created. It may be a utility token or a security token. Utility tokens can be created easily by backing fiat currencies. On the flip side, security tokens are created by backing some of the real-world assets. You can create any of the tokens according to your business requirement.

  • Choose an ideal blockchain

Currently, various blockchains are prevailing in the crypto sector. Ethereum, Tron, Binance smartchain, and Waves are some of the prominent blockchains for token creation. Each blockchain has its own token standards for token creation. For instance, ERC20, ERC721, ERC777, ERC223, ERC1155 are the popular token standards of Ethereum blockchain. Similar to this, TRC10, TRC20, and TRC721 are the popular token standards of the Tron blockchain. BEP20 and BEP721 are the Binance smart chain’s token standards. You can pick out any of the token standards for your token creation.

  • Develop a smart contract

Smart contracts are programmed contracts where all the details of the tokens are incorporated through coding. Smart contracts exist over a blockchain. Smart contracts render access to transactions in a transparent manner. With smart contracts, transactions can be executed anonymously without the aid of the legal system or central authority.

  • Run beta testing

After implementing all the particulars of the crypto token, testing should be conducted multiple times. To create your crypto-token in a bug-free manner, multiple tests should be executed and errors should be rectified.

  • Deploy your crypto token

After completing all the above-discussed steps, you can deploy your token in an enhanced smart contract. It will help for the long run of your crypto token.

These are the steps that should be considered for the creation of your token. Creating a crypto token by oneself includes some risk factors. If any mistakes occur in the coding part, then it will lead to the failure of a token. To avoid these circumstances, you can go with another method. An ideal method of creating a crypto token is contacting a reputed crypto token development service provider. They’ll provide you with technical support and guidance.

There are countless service providers in the crypto industry. All of them are not ideal. You should choose a qualified and reputed crypto token development service provider in the crypto ecosystem. To choose those providers, certain criteria should be considered for crypto token creation. They are team size, years of experience, quality of their products, client reviews, and their online presence in social media. After analyzing all these criteria, I’ve picked some esteemed crypto token development service providers in the crypto-verse.

So, let us see…

Top 5 Crypto Token Development Service Providers

Here I’ll list some of the top-notch crypto token development service providers in the crypto industry.

  1. Icoclone

Icoclone is one of the renowned crypto token development service providers in the crypto-verse. They have long years of undeniable experience in crypto token development and created all types of tokens with optimized token standards for various business purposes. Icoclone has a skilled and well-seasoned team of developers who will deliver you your desired crypto token on time. They provide 24/7 support for their universal clients and you can reach them at any time for getting any services.

Icoclone not only offers crypto token development services but also provides ICO scripts, STO scripts, and wallet creation services. If you get an ICO script, it will be a complete package that includes token creation, ICO dashboard, and wallet creation. After the token creation, you will automatically go for crowdfunding. Icoclone offers a premium ICO script with all the above-discussed features enclosed within it. Icoclone focuses on implementing cutting-edge technology for token creation and other services. So, if you wish to create a crypto token for your business, contact Icoclone at any time for your business enhancement.

2. Blockchain App Factory

Blockchain App Factory is one of the well-known crypto token development service providers in the crypto industry. They have hands-on experience in crypto token creation and they provide various services related to cryptocurrency. They focus on the security features and have a technical expert team for the development of a crypto token. Blockchain app factory offers full-time customer support. They’ll provide all the customized features according to the client’s business needs.

3. Antier Solutions

Antier Solutions is one of the top-notch crypto-based service providers. They provide various services related to the crypto industry that include token creation, wallet creation, Crypto exchange development, etc. They have experienced blockchain developers for crypto token creation. Antier Solutions provides crypto-based services for various industries like finance, R&D, IT sectors, healthcare, etc. They are passionate and offer services for meeting customers’ satisfaction. They have skilled professionals for efficiently deploying crypto tokens.

4. Developcoins

Developcoins is a popular cryptocurrency development service provider. They focus on providing satisfactory services for their universal clients in exchange for their investment. They work for multiple industries like fintech, e-commerce, education, gaming, healthcare, etc. They have years of experience in crypto-related services. Developcoins have a professional team of developers for working on their crypto-based products and aims on delivering the products on time.

5. Crypto App Factory

It is also a blockchain app development company that focuses on crypto-based services. They provide fully customizable services in crypto token creation. Crypto app factory has an experienced team of blockchain analysts for developing a crypto token in a bug-free manner. They provide various services like Crypto exchange script, mobile wallet creation, ICO, STO, etc.

Concluding Words

The above discussed are the most renowned crypto token development service providers in 2022. Crypto token development is a highly lucrative business where you can raise more funds through crypto crowdfunding. In that perspective, if you wish to create a crypto token, then contact any one of the above-listed crypto token development service providers in the crypto space. This is a perfect time to create your crypto tokens as the crypto industry is growing at its peak. Do create your crypto tokens immediately for earning huge profits in the crypto sector.



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