White Label Crypto Exchange Software — A Boon for Startups

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White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Crypto assets and exchange concepts are the favorite topics among many traders and investors. Because crypto has gained huge popularity since the introduction of bitcoins. For the past few years, cryptocurrencies have been a hot trend in the blockchain town and many individuals are showing interest in trading virtual crypto coins for making profits. So the usage of crypto coins or tokens is rapidly increasing day by day. Currently, there is a huge craze for digital currencies in this modern era. Most crypto enthusiasts are investing thousands of dollars for trading various crypto coins. By seeing this much craze for crypto, many startups marched towards starting a crypto exchange business.

Crypto exchange is the trading platform where users can buy/sell all kinds of virtual cryptocurrencies in a secure way. Many experts in the crypto community are saying that the cryptocurrency exchange is one of the best revenue-generating business models for gaining an enormous amount of profits in a short time. Creating and deploying a top-notch crypto trading website from scratch will definitely take around 4–5 months and it will be more expensive. That’s why many budding startups and entrepreneurs are using White Label Crypto Exchange Software for building a cryptocurrency exchange website.

As a new crypto startup, your mind will be popped up with many questions right now like what is White label cryptocurrency exchange software? Whether the software includes all basic trading features and security mechanisms? Is it possible to customize the software? What is the cost of white label crypto exchange software? And so on…

Don’t worry fellas! This article will reveal answers to all your queries and covers everything that you need to know about white label crypto exchange software for starting a flourishing crypto exchange business.

Let us begin this mind-blowing article with…

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software — Overview

White label crypto exchange software is a pre-designed crypto trading software that holds all the latest trading features and security systems. It is a common template that is equipped with all necessary functions and plug-ins. By using this white-label exchange software, one can build and launch a customizable cryptocurrency trading website within a week as per the business requirements. In general, the software is fast, and secure so that your users can experience a smooth trading experience. This software supports all prominent crypto assets and multiple trading pairs. Such as bitcoin, bitcoin cash, dogecoin, ethereum, ripple, dash, EOS, and more.

White label crypto exchange software is recognized as a highly scalable marketing product. So by getting this ready-made software, you can instantly customize the color, theme, trading features, logo, and other add-ons as per your business needs. White label crypto exchange platforms are considered as the recent crypto trend in the blockchain industry. Besides, many entrepreneurs are preferring this ready-made exchange software for kickstarting their crypto exchange business due to its various beneficial factors.

One can create the following types of crypto exchanges instantly by using the finest ready-made crypto exchange software

  1. User to Admin/OTC Crypto Exchange
  2. Order Books Trading Platform
  3. Peer to Peer Ads Based Crypto Exchange Platform
  4. Decentralized Crypto Exchange
  5. Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform.
  6. One Page Crypto Exchange Platform.
  7. Binary Options Trading Platform.

Now, let us see…

Why White Label Crypto Exchange Software is a Boon for Entrepreneurs?

Here I revealed some ideal reasons for the query — why the best white label exchange software is a boon for budding crypto startups and entrepreneurs?

benefits of white label crypto exchange software
Why choose white label crypto exchange software?

Customization Scope

The white label crypto exchange software allows you to customize front-end designs, names, logos, trading functionalities, and other add-ons according to your taste in a trouble-free way. As you know, rebranding the software doesn’t take more time. Therefore, you can rebrand this white-label exchange software with less effort.

Graphical User Interface

The design and user interface of your cryptocurrency exchange platform should be more legitimate. Besides, the framework must be easily understandable for beginners as well as experienced traders. The premium white label cryptocurrency exchange software comes with an eye-catching user interface that helps in attracting global crypto users.

Faster Deployment

It is pre-fabricated software so you don’t need to build or create anything from scratch. Once you buy this software, you can launch a feature-packed crypto exchange platform instantly. If you have any urgent needs with unique business requirements, then White label bitcoin exchange software will help you to kickstart a successful crypto exchange business quickly without any hassle.


For sure, you will get the best white label crypto exchange software from the trustworthy Crypto exchange development company in the marketplace. So there is no need of worrying about the reliability of the software. If mistakenly you have bought this white-label exchange software from some other non-standard development company, then you may face some issues with the software. Thus, choose the reputed white label crypto-exchange software development for your crypto exchange business.


If you are a crypto enthusiast, then you might know that liquidity is an essential factor for any crypto exchange. By enabling the Liquidity API in the software it helps you to increase the user base in your exchange. For instance, binance is the world’s largest crypto exchange according to trading volume and they have high liquidity. So they have huge user traffic per day. Likewise, you can also increase your user count by enabling Liquidity API in the white label crypto exchange software. However, you must do some work to increase the liquidity in your exchange. You can achieve this only by getting the liquidity-enabled white-label exchange software.

No Technical Expertise Required

Managing the entire crypto exchange by using an advanced white label bitcoin exchange software is not much complicated. Therefore, one does not need more technical knowledge for handling this white label software. Even though you don’t have any technical knowledge, software development will assist you quickly with any technical issues or bugs.

Boosts Brand Visibility

Every crypto startup’s motive is to promote their brand and reap a lucrative amount of money within a short period. Though you already have a branded White label crypto exchange software with you, so you can boost your brand to reach higher levels easily. As the product will have your exchange name, logo, and your unique design. So your brand will be more visible to your targeted cryptocurrency audience efficiently. Besides, you can also quickly enter the crypto market.

Saves Time and Money

When you use the white label exchange software, the time consumption and the expenses will be completely less. For instance, if you are developing a crypto exchange platform from scratch, then you should pay fees for each feature that you are enabling. Besides, it might take more than 6 months to complete your exchange project. But White label exchange software comes with the cutting-edge trading modules as a complete package at an affordable cost.

These are valuable reasons for choosing the premium white label crypto exchange software.

Ultimate Features of White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Here is the list of some of the important trading features that you must enable in the tailor-made exchange software.

  1. Margin trading
  2. Payment gateway integration
  3. Liquidity API
  4. Referral program
  5. History of transactions
  6. Effectual admin panel
  7. Firebase & firewall implementation
  8. Robust CMS
  9. Multi-lingual assistance
  10. Pending transaction handling
  11. IEO launchpad
  12. Multi-crypto support
  13. Cryptocurrency wallet integration
  14. Order matching engine
  15. Staking
  16. KYC/AML integration

You can get all these outstanding features in the software. Speaking of which, security features also play an important role in white label crypto exchange software. Let us see some of the high-end security features that you need to integrate while developing a crypto exchange.

  1. Two-factor authentication
  2. Database encryption
  3. DDoS mitigation
  4. Anti-phishing software
  5. Multi-signature vaults
  6. SSL integration
  7. HTTPs authentication
  8. Browser detection security
  9. End-to-end encrypted transactions.

By incorporating these top-level security features in the software, You can eliminate cyber-attacks and other malware activities in your platform.

Business Benefits of using the Best White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange software

  1. High ROI in a short time
  2. You can launch a fully functional crypto exchange immediately without any interventions
  3. The software has smooth customization. So you can modify trading features, designs, and other plug-ins as per your business requirements.
  4. Your users can buy and sell crypto assets securely without any hassle.
  5. As a startup, you can quickly boost the visibility of your brand in the marketplace by using the finest white-label exchange software.
  6. Your users can get the best trading experience while buying/selling crypto assets on the platform
  7. You can save your hard-earned money.
  8. Deploying a function-rich cryptocurrency exchange will be simple and does not take more days.
  9. You can get productive 24/7 technical and customer support from the chosen white label crypto-exchange software development company.

White Label Crypto Exchange Software Development Cost

The development cost varies according to the additional features that you want to enable in the software. The premium white label crypto-exchange software development cost relies on between $10000 — $12000. However, the software development cost might vary as per your business concepts and urgent needs. Ensure that you get in touch with the leading White Label crypto exchange software development company to launch a top-notch platform for your exchange business.

Wrapping up

A cryptocurrency exchange is the best revenue-generating business model right now. Those who invested in cryptocurrency exchange software development had reached greater heights in the marketplace and gained massive profits. If you are a crypto startup or an entrepreneur willing to start a crypto exchange business, then I strongly recommend you to buy bug-free white label crypto exchange software from a professional cryptocurrency exchange development company in the blockchain industry. Through this article, you would have known everything about white label crypto exchange software, its advanced trading features, and its benefits.



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