How to develop a white label crypto payment gateway for your business:

What is a crypto payment gateway?

Features of Crypto Payment gateway:

  1. Seamless conversion — In which you can convert your fiat to crypto and vice versa within seconds through the crypto payment gateways.
  2. Quicker transactions — With crypto payment gateways. All the transactions are done in a quick and efficient way.
  3. Security — All the transactions and communications that happen in the payment gateways are highly secure due to their security system. The blockchain system guards your transactions and ledgers each and every transaction making it more secure and safe.
  4. Different blockchain for different coins — Each of the cryptocurrencies would be handled with a different blockchain that would be integrated with a wallet along with the cryptocurrency payment gateway app.
  5. User-managed fund control — The funds can be controlled by managing the blockchain with private keys thereby ensuring security and transparency. The flow of cryptos or exchange of currencies cannot be done without your complete control from your wallet.
  6. Multiple wallets — The cryptocurrency payment gateways can support multiple wallet support and hence initiating a multi-wallet crypto wallet development software will help you to boost your business higher than your peers.
  7. Multi-lingual support- If you want to compete globally, then you should definitely have a feature of a multi-lingual cryptocurrency payment gateway. Thereby you can boost your business to greater levels than at the regional level.

Benefits of creating your white label cryptocurrency payment gateway:

  1. Effective UI and easy to use — Crypto payment gateways are crafted to make the payments easier and so they have a well-knitted user interface along with an easy to use mechanism. The greater the coziness of the platform, the greater the performance and engagement. Also, the transactions happen in a real quick time making things easier and effective.
  2. Transparency — As it is a completely decentralized app with the freedom of the user to send his payments to his friends or for the bill to the nearby store, he can use this app to transact crypto. He or she can take a look over the paid transactions at a later time due to the security provided by software as you have the access to your information in the blockchain.
  3. Comfortable — Payment gateways have made the transactions more convenient than fiat transactions. When it comes to crypto payment gateways, you can do convenient transactions with another person without the intervention of the crypto exchange platform. All you will need is a cryptocurrency wallet with a different coin address integrated with the crypto payment gateway so that you can make your crypto payments without any interruption.
  4. Highly secure platform — Have you ever thought of the payment gateway without any security. Normal digital payment platforms do have specified security specifications like two-factor authentication and pin codes. In that way, crypto payment gateways come with blockchain technology covered so that they do not get hacked. Moreover, you can check your transactions and previous communications in the history of transactions that are stored in the ledger.
  5. Scalability — The higher the scalability the higher the user engagement. You can also say vice versa. So, if you want to succeed as a cryptopreneur, make sure that your platform reaches high scalability. Then things will turn up for you and you can succeed as a crypto businessman.

How to develop a white label cryptocurrency payment gateway platform:

  1. Assessment — First of all, you should analyze the requirement of your crypto payment platform before starting it. You should have solid research and analysis of your wants and not’s and then create an outline so that it will help you to get the required outcome.
  2. Brainstorm your ideas — brainstorm your ideas and gather all the software requirements to initiate your creation.
  3. Development — Go by the outline and carefully develop your crypto payment gateway platform. You can do modifications and changes accordingly.
  4. Deployment — After development and a series of quality checks, you can go for the deployment of the software successfully. And that is how you can develop your crypto payment gateway software.

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