DEGO — New concept in Decentralised Finance:

  1. Each Defi system is confined as a Defi protocol and considered as a brick.
  2. The bricks may be anything like stable coins or decentralized exchanges or flash loans.
  3. The DEGO is protected by the blockchain and legally secured by the smart contracts.
  4. So the subsystems will not entertain any legal hassles. The smart contract will take care of it.
  5. A new dapp will be created to enhance the values of the Defi protocols.
  6. This will help to introduce a diverse level of investment portfolios. This can further improve the returns for the users in a diversified way.
  7. Blockchain software plays a vital role in the management of the various elements in the decentralization subsystems.
  1. Do not worry about your credit score anymore — Digitally upgraded banks do transact the loans in a short period of time. But they will check your credit score. But if you are accessed with DEGO, then there is no need for a credit score. Loans will be approved in a short period of time. Blockchain takes care of the management and repayment criteria.
  2. Investment and smart contracts — If you want to invest in a diversified medium, then this is the choice. With different decentralized platforms as elements and subsystems, the users will have a variable choice in investing. Also, all the diversified platforms will have their smart contracts.
  3. No legal hassles - With the smart contracts on the phase, the legal hassles are not present. This will further fasten up the financial platforms boosting the entire digital economy.
  4. Blockchain protection - With Blockchain used in variable industries, the usage of blockchain in DEGO is completely different. For instance, if DEGO is used in the banking industry, the blockchain software will be crafted in such a way that it separates the operations, financial transactions, Business development, Loan assurances, and other departments. But the outcome will be of entirety with a smooth flow. This can be possible only because of the Blockchain management in the DEGO.
  5. Wallet integration — Being a decentralized platform integrating multiple features the wallet would be integrated to hold and trade on digital currencies.



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MathiBharathi Mariselvan

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