Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway: A walk into the Future

A new way of digital payment gateway to make your crypto and digital payments travel really faster.

MathiBharathi Mariselvan
6 min readOct 12, 2020

People depend on technology only because it serves and provides regular updates. It makes things easy, even complicated things, right? In that sense, digital finance and the cryptocurrency had resolved many issues that the modern human is facing during financial transactions.

With a single click, you can trade and transact multiple currencies from one country to another. This kind of financial currency comes without regulation by a central authority and so restricted in some countries. Despite that fact, cryptocurrency has a regulated functionality that helps millions and millions of traders and investors to invest and earn profits.

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

Normally, in a cryptocurrency trading, you need to deposit the fiat and trade in cryptocurrencies. You can deposit the amount either through debit or credit card or any other payment gateways like online payments transactions.

What if the payment gateway too is crypto-enabled? It is amazing, right? That is what we are going to see in this blog.

In this blog, let us walk into the future and know more about the cryptocurrency payment gateway in a multi-dimensional manner.

Crypto Payment Gateway Platform — What’s Special in it?

Crypto payment gateway works similarly to normal payment gateways like GooglePay, Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, etc. The only specialty is its involvement in digital currency transactions.

You could ask, that is why we have cryptocurrency exchange platforms to exchange fiat for crypto and vice versa with a snap, what’s the specialty?

Yes, that is absolutely correct. Cryptocurrency liquidity is more fluid and helps to transact and exchange currencies within seconds. But the question is whether we can transact it like fiat currency?

The answer is a big “NO”.

It is because the cryptocurrency is more liquid within a particular digital pool. And many businesses have not adopted the crypto payment options except few.

For example, you are going to a supermarket and you buy things. You will have a variety of paying options on their list. Crypto payments are one such viable option to pay. If you have a crypto wallet and you have attached your wallet to a crypto payment gateway, then you can transfer the payment by sending the coins to his wallet address.

This seems easy, right?

But what about the charges? Crypto exchanges put charges on every transaction you make, either locally or internationally. You will definitely not like to spend your hard-earned cryptocurrency as charges. Payment gateways make it easy for you. They do charge but the very minimal amount, say 0.2% to 0.5%. Some crypto payment gateways like Coinbase Woo commerce will never charge fees for accepting cryptocurrencies up to a particular limit.

There are no geographical limitations when you choose the crypto payment gateways. You can send cryptos to anyone from any corner of the world in real-time without any interruptions. Like other payment gateways, the transaction is 24/7 where you can send and receive cryptos whenever you want.

Financial transactions need more encryption. The success of cryptocurrency is its security and privacy features over its regulation. Similarly, the crypto payment gateways provide you extra security features to securely transact funds to the receiver in a short time. The security features vary from one crypto payment gateway to another.

Crypto payment gateways are not regulated by any central authorities but maintained and monitored. So there are hardly any chances of chargeback fraudulent activities.

Cryptocurrency is one of the emerging financial trends in the current scenario. Keeping this is in mind, crypto payment gateways are the future payment options that are going to dominate the currency transactions.

But as the proverb goes like “Make hay while the sun shines”, you need to grab this opportunity and get a stronghold in it. If you are a merchant, developing a crypto payment gateway is one of the best viable business opportunities. As the whole world will be moving towards crypto payments in the near future, it is the best time for entrepreneurs to create a payment gateway.

Your users are curious about downloading the payment gateway application but you need to keep them more curious and excited when they use your website or application. In that sense, crypto payment gateway development comes with certain undeniable features. So, let me share the…

Features of Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

Decentralized P2P model

If your user wants to send the money to the merchant, then he can send the funds as cryptos directly to the merchant without consent or direction from the admin.

No interruptions

No sort of intermediaries during transactions. So, the merchants can gain more profits as the gateway charges very less compared to the fiat payment gateways.

Minimum time, maximum benefits

If you are receiving funds from fiat payment gateways, then you have to wait for 4 to 5 days. But with this crypto payment gateways, the transactions are done within a flash and with a click.

Operating system adaptability

Be it an Android or Apple iOS, there is always a solution. Yes, crypto payment gateways adapt according to the operating system and hence it supports all kinds of are using

Integration mechanism

A merchant can easily integrate this gateway with any existing application to conduct payments. The gateway is reliable and secure and easy to use.


You need not worry about the security feature as cryptocurrency is stored and ledger in the blockchain. Additional security features can be provided by the development companies as per your business needs.

After knowing all these, you might have some doubts on that…

Why should an Entrepreneur Start a Crypto Payment Gateway Business?

To answer this query, I have come up with some justifications:

  1. Choices — When all the merchants are providing general fiat options to pay, it would be a standout feature to add a crypto-payment feature.
  2. No fraudulent risks included — No need to get afraid over any fraudulent transactions as every transaction is stored in a blockchain ledger.
  3. No delay in payments as your merchant could have experienced in credit cards.
  4. Completely safe and decentralized.
  5. Cross border payments are done within seconds.

Apart from the points discussed above, the crypto payment market is about to boom in the coming months and it would be so competitive to gather engagement and traction to be the leader in the industry.

Yes, it is a good choice to start your crypto payment gateway.

But you should know how to develop a Crypto Payment Gateway software, right? Let us jump into it.

You will need a certain list of documents for your initiation

  1. Incorporation and Incumbency certificates.
  2. PSP application.
  3. History of processing
  4. Company license.

On the developing side, if you are a developer yourself and have an expert team on your side, you can create your Crypto Payment Gateway software.

If not, you need not worry. Just google the crypto payment gateway development companies and choose the affordable ones among the list.

Also, one you have chosen the right Crypto Payment Gateway developers in the market, then you might be confused about which platfrom to go with? Right!!

To clear your minds, I have listed some of the major contirbuting crypto payment gateway platforms in the market. These platforms tend to hold their position in offering profits and revenue for those who tend to start a business. So, the list of …

Renowned Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways in the market are,

  1. Coinbase Commerce.
  2. CoinPayments
  3. Coingate
  4. NowPayments
  5. Bitpay
  6. ALPAcoins
  7. Shopify

If you are interested in starting a crypto payment gateway similar to the above-mentioned popular ones, there are many development companies who provide you the clone scripts of the popular payment gateways to boost your business on a multidimensional level. But make sure to choose the trusted crypto payment gateway development company to construct your platform.

So, what are you waiting for? Just start your platform and initiate your walk into the future.



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