Benefits and Features of MongoDB for blockchain development

Data is the most important aspect of this digital world. Technology has expanded the storage of data in the air for a considerably huge limit. We call it cloud services where the entire data is stored and managed. But the stored data should be managed effectively and there comes the usage of Database Management System (DBMS). The database stores the data and retrieves the data based on the requirement of the user of a particular website or network. It is a software that inducts certain security measures to protect data storage. In this blog, we can get to know about the Mongo database management system and its effectiveness in storing data without compromising security, especially for blockchain development.

Type of Databases:

Database is of two types — SQL and NoSQL. But, most of the sites in the present times prefer NoSQL databases due to certain factors.

NoSQL databases are non-relational databases whereas the SQL databases are relational.

SQL uses pre-defined and structured schemas whereas the NoSQL databases use the dynamic schema.

The scalability of the databases differ. SQL uses vertical scalability whereas NoSQL uses horizontal scalability.

SQL uses table kind of database management. But NoSQL uses the documents and collections related to database management.

SQL is used for multiple row transactions whereas NoSQL can be used for dynamic and unstructured data storage mechanisms.

Comparing these two, The NoSQL stands efficient for the blockchain and cryptocurrency exchange websites as they are completely dynamic websites that need a lot of data storage. Also, the scalability of the blockchain development software best suits NoSQL software than SQL database software.

What is a Mongo Database?

MongoDB is a non-relational open source database software crafted in 2009. It has recently been released again with updated features in June 2020. MongoDB Inc. released the database as one of the best open-source database software which runs the documents as Binary JSON infrastructure. This helps the database to create a facilitated document store with cloud computing services with self-management infrastructure.

MongoDB uses the basic yet strong implementation of language c++. It can be applicable and fit in various server-side operating systems like Windows, Linux, OS X, and Solaris. Despite being a NoSQL database management system, it is a read-only software for SQL database through their MongoDB connector. Also, it supports all kinds of programming languages which are limited in other non-relational databases. Because it is open-source, it can be well-fit for a dynamic software creation like Blockchain software development.

MongoDB uses the most prevalent server-side input language script — Javascript. They have triggering options with sharding partitioning methods. Sharding is the method of using hashes or shard keys for partitioning. When it comes to replication, they have source-based replication criteria making the database unique as other databases like BigchainDB use the selectable replication methods.

Why should you use MongoDB?

Large data storage Yes, this is the specialty of a NoSQL database. You can store enormous chunks of unstructured data. That is the reason why many cloud computing services like AWS prefer NoSQL databases.

Quicker development and deployment: If you want to develop and deploy SQL servers, you need to multi-check as they could not be an easy task. But in terms of NoSQL servers, database management will be quicker, efficient, and controllable as they can deal with unstructured data.

Cloud computing services — This is one of the prime responsibilities for the NoSQL database. Cloud computing companies like AWS, IBM, Cisco, and others rely upon the NoSQL database like MongoDB for reliable cloud storage facilities.

It is great that you have chosen MongoDB but you should know when you direly need the database management system for your software. Especially in blockchain, MongoDB is used for storing huge amounts of data that the user’s store. But there are other such factors when you will need the software for your blockchain development.

Know when you should use MongoDB:

Dynamic schema — If your schema is unstable, then it is best to go for MongoDB as it has dynamic schema features to support your data support and management.

High requirement of data — For software like Blockchain, it is obvious. Softwares like MySQL can provide secure software solutions to the user but being blockchain itself a security software, it requires a large amount of data storage options that can be fulfilled by MongoDB.

Sharding solutions — Yes, you need to insert the hashes especially when you are building blockchain software. Blockchain really runs on hashes and for hash providence, you need to induce the sharding effects like hashes with MongoDB.

Database Management Admin — Without an admin, no big project can thrive. Blockchain software is not an exception. Blockchain cannot perform effectively without an administration mechanism and you will need to hire a database administrator if you use a suitable and stable schema infrastructure. But in MongoDB, you will be provided with a Database administrator.

These are the four important things that you need to consider when you need MongoDB.

Features of MongoDB:

It offers Public cloud service with a fully managed MongoDB atlas. Also, it is easy to start as it requires a simple user interface and API so that it makes your work easy in choosing the public cloud service provider, size, region, and features that you need for your business.

Complex queries can be addressed through MongoDB Realm Database. It is the most used database and used by most of the developers all over the world to address complex queries while developing the code. They also assist the developers in creating expressive and fluent UI’s through their safe threading and reactive architecture.

The database is mostly used to build OLTP and analytical and dynamic applications and websites. With strong consistency and fluent ACID transactions, MongoDB is one such effective database infrastructure for blockchain development.

As it supports unstructured data, it has been crafted with enough flexibility to manage the variance of the data that is being stored. Also, it is imbibed with enough scalability and resilience.

It is most efficient for payment processing applications. So, it works fine for cryptocurrency trading platforms and blockchain platforms. Coinbase, one of the most efficient trading platforms, uses MongoDB as its database.

MongoDB has a high value and a high range of marketing metrics. As it is downloaded by more than 70 million users worldwide, it has a huge supporter base. Most of the applications which are dynamic and storage constraint, prefer MongoDB over the traditional databases.

MongoDB uses the server-side public license. The license holder is MongoDB Inc. All other MongoDB products like Realm databases are supported by Apache license 2.0.

Final thoughts:

MongoDB is one of the most preferred NoSQL databases which prefer a more productive and qualitative database management system for your dynamic website or application. For a scalable and flexible website, you can prefer MongoDB than other traditional databases. Also, for blockchain development specifically, it is more important to have a large storage space for data and cloud computing efficiency to share the information with the targeted user securely. So, MongoDB will be the best choice for those who want to create a blockchain software with much ease and support. Pick up your Website quality with MongoDB.



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