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Blockchain Entrepreneur and investor. Cryptoprenuer to be precise. Guiding Crypto enthusiasts and CEOs. You know what, Blockchain is a revolution.
White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Crypto assets and exchange concepts are the favorite topics among many traders and investors. Because crypto has gained huge popularity since the introduction of bitcoins. For the past few years, cryptocurrencies have been a hot trend in the blockchain town and many individuals are showing interest in trading virtual crypto coins for making profits. So the usage of crypto coins or tokens is rapidly increasing day by day. Currently, there is a huge craze for digital currencies in this modern era. Most crypto enthusiasts are investing thousands of dollars for trading various crypto coins. …

NFT Marketplace

The adoption of blockchain technology is rapidly increasing in recent years. Many startups and speculators are implementing the blockchain for various purposes. Besides, this technology is widely used in many sectors and for the development process. Such as crypto-token creation, crypto exchange development, DeFi token development, NFT development, and more. Speaking of which, NFT is now gaining more prominence in the global crypto marketplace. Traders, investors, and other individuals are showing more interest in non-fungible tokens right now.

NFTs stands for non-fungible tokens. The non-fungible tokens are unique items so you can not replace them with another token of the…

Decentralized Finance Tokens

We are living in a modern world with lots of advanced technologies and many new innovative projects. In recent years, the digital world has been witnessing many advancements in the field of the finance sector after the introduction of blockchain technology. Crypto coins and crypto tokens changed the way many people, startups, enterprises, banks, and governments perceived money. DeFi is doing the same currently with its interventions in the global financial ecosystem and making trending news in the past few years. …

Crypto token vs coin

Blockchain is the complex and distributed ledger technology that gave birth to crypto tokens and cryptocurrencies. Not only this but also offered many business opportunities for crypto startups and speculators. Crypto coins and crypto tokens are not new terms in the blockchain world. Most blockchain enthusiasts were aware of these terms. But the problem is most people get confused about these two terms. Understanding the difference between crypto tokens and coins might be a tedious task in the context of cryptocurrencies for beginners. These two terms are often used interchangeably, but they refer to different concepts in the crypto ecosystem.

How to choose Blockchain Development Company

Blockchain is one of the fast-growing and emerging technologies in this modern era. This technology has grabbed a vast amount of popularity when it comes to advanced technologies, and that might be difficult to understand if you are new to this field. Blockchain is a revolutionary and complex technology that gave birth to crypto coins, tokens, and many innovative projects. But it is also winning the trust of the masses. Blockchain is a chain of time-stamped blocks that are completely connected cryptographically. …

TRC721 Token Standard

If you have ever tried something new and if you want to try out something in this is the best time as every new technology comes out with evolving the new foundation. That is where cryptocurrency also comes in. Still its launch, it has gone through various new innovations and it is no wonder now it has come up with another new innovation that not only excites the users and traders but also the crypto exchange development company owners. Yes, it is the arrival of the new token standard in the Tron blockchain. …

Centralized vs Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

In recent years, crypto exchange is becoming an emerging business model among startups and speculators. It is because of the growing prominence of crypto coins, blockchain technology, and crypto tokens. Blockchain technology gave birth to many cryptocurrencies and it is widely used in several major industries. The term Cryptocurrency is a benchmark in all digital exchange platforms. Crypto is used for payments, trading, boosting the brand, transactions, etc. This insisted many traders and organizations invest in crypto assets.

The upsurge usage of crypto coins made a huge demand for crypto trading platforms. A Cryptocurrency Exchange helps users trade, buy, or…

Let us know how burnable tokens will be the best aid for your crypto business.

All you need to know about Burnable token

It is not a token that burns. But it is different. Yes, token businesses have been expanding the horizon and reaching new heights. In that sense, startups and entrepreneurs have started their hunt to start a unique business and token businesses have bought them profits through either way of either listing them or starting a different business with their capital via crowdfunding. Either way, this blog will help you to learn about the new idea in the token business- Burnable token. …

Things that you should consider while creating a smart contract for your business for automation and execution.

smart contract business

Privacy is becoming the mantra of the present generation. People demand privacy in their information and want to take control of the flow of information into the real world. Blockchain comes as a savior in that aspect.

Blockchain is an information security platform where you can store information and important data in the form of blocks and chains. You can retrieve the information whenever you want as it is impossible to hack.

Blockchain smart contract developments are those automated self-enforced contracts that are guarded by blockchain technology. The main purpose behind the usage of blockchain smart contracts is that they…

Know about Mintable tokens and how they are efficient in the creation of ERC20 and ERC721 token standards.

Mintable tokens to the ERC20 and ERRC721 token standard

If you think that I am going to say about a complex procedure, then you should relax. I am not going to do that. Mintable toke is the new concept where you can mint your token as per your requirement based on your business requirement. If you are planning to create a mintable token either it be ERC 20 or ERC 721 tokens, you should not forget to think about the convenience parameters. Talking of which, you should consider the best ethereum tokens with all the convenience parameters set in accordance with the business requirements.

In this blog, let us…

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